Early Years

Early Years is the largest organisation in Northern Ireland working with and for young children. Early Years is a non-profit making organisation and has been working since 1965 to promote high quality early care education for children aged 0 – 18 and their families. Currently Early Years provides information and training for parents, childcare providers, employers and local authorities. It aims to promote and develop high quality, evidence-informed early childhood services for young children, their families and communities.

Fermanagh Trust

The Fermanagh Trust is a registered charity, established in 1995 to promote any charitable purpose, and to support initiatives which will lead to social and community development to improve the conditions of life for the people in County Fermanagh and immediate hinterland. The Trust has been involved in shared education since 2008, when it undertook extensive research into the potential for a pilot project on shared education in Fermanagh. The research led to a funded project, the ‘Fermanagh Shared Education Programme’, which was awarded in excess of £2m over 5 years, from Atlantic Philanthropies and the International Fund for Ireland. It was successful in getting 58 primary and post-primary schools in the County, involved in shared education, with almost 5,000 pupils per annum participating in shared classes.

National Childhood Network

The National Childhood Network aims to provide a forum for a range of stakeholders to work together in a collaborative and inclusive way to advance the achievement of national quality standards in Early Childhood and School Age Childcare services. Their aim is the Advancement of children rights and promotion of their health, well-being, learning & development in all childhood services.