Mary Mallon Pre-school and Eivers Lane Childcare CLG

Children and staff of County Leitrim pre-schools Mary Mallon, Bornacoola and Eivers Lane Childcare CLG , Mohill have been working together on  the shared education project, ‘Sharing From The Start’.

The pre-schools have had a number of sessions together including visits to Mohill Library where the children enjoyed story time and arts and crafts. The programme introduced many of the children to the library for the first time, providing them with the opportunity to achieve education in a fun, relaxed yet inclusive and respectful manner. Patrons of the library commented on how wonderful it was seeing all the children mingling and creating a great buzz in the building, utilising many areas provided by the library, especially the children’s area and sensory room.

The two settings also visited Lough Rynn Castle Hotel. the children were warmly greeted by the staff who told them all about the work they do at the Hotel. They also got to play in the gardens, learning all about the different plants and taking part in a scavenger hunt.



The ‘Sharing From The Start’ project is supported the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. Funding enables pre-schools to take part in Shared Education projects improving educational outcomes and cross-community cohesion, inclusion and diversity. A number of neighbouring pre-school partnerships have been developed throughout Northern Ireland and the Southern Border Counties.

The staff of the two pre-schools have been commended for their progressive attitude and motivation to ensure the success of the project, implementing purposeful, direct and sustained curriculum based contact, improving educational outcomes and community relations.



Administered by Early Years, working in collaboration with the National Childhood Network and the Fermanagh Trust, the project aims to engage almost 10,000 pre-school children in shared activities on ongoing and sustained basis by 2022. Together these three organisations have a strong track record and over twenty years experience of working for the benefit of children and community relations development.

Audrey Rainey, Programme Manager of Sharing From The Start commented “It’s wonderful to see the work taking place between this partnership. In particular it’s great to see the support and community involvement through these visits to the library and Lough Rynn Castle. Well done to everyone involved providing lots of fun and learning for the children.”



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