Feedback from Parents

Parents from a sample of early years settings gave their feedback on the impact of Sharing From The Start on their child, via one to one interviews and focus group discussions.  In summary, all of the parents reported that their children had benefited greatly from participating in Sharing From The Start.

Sample of Parent / Carer Comments:

  • I would definitely recommend it. It brings together children of different cultures, abilities and religions and gives them a chance to accept each other at an early age.  Great Work!
  • This is a very worthwhile project. Teaching children from a young age that we are all different but we are all the same. Even though they don’t realise now, the learning will kick in as they grow and develop.  I hope this project will continue. Well done!
  • My child has grown in confidence by going to a different setting. He also now knows to be a little more caring and tolerant towards other children, who might have difficulties in the areas he’s more capable.
  • My child is able to recognise his sister school and will talk about his friends if we drive past. He is much more aware of sharing and how his actions can impact others feelings.
  • Enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in the project. Also pleased that my daughter through shared project became familiar with a new community and made new friends, which is an important step at encouraging cross community relations at an early stage.  Also the visit to the local nursing home where the children had the opportunity to meet the clients and engage in a music session with them.
  • It is a fantastic programme for the children in both services. They get to mix and make friends from an early age together as many will be going to school together in the future.  Its building confidence from an early age. It’s great to see 2 services working together in such a small town and having the children at the heart of both of them.  Well done to all!
  • I think this programme is great! Small children don’t care about who a person is or where they are from as long as they can play and have fun together they are happy and I think as parents we should embrace this completely and follow this on throughout our children’s lives. I firmly believe that this generation of children have the ability to make a change in NI and I feel that it’s up to us as parents not to teach them the old prejudices that have held us back so long.
  • This is wonderful opportunity given to all these children, learning from a young age how to accept other children regardless. It certainly boosts confidence as the children go to different settings and meet other adults as well as children.  I have been very impressed with how these sessions have been organised and have thoroughly enjoyed the end performance. Thanks to all the staff for making me feel welcome and I can say my child and I have both benefited from a worthwhile experience.
  • As a parent it has shown me how much my child has come along socially. One of my main concerns at the start of the year was how she would come out of herself socially.  By getting to help on the trips, I got to see for myself just how far she has come.  As a parent it was nice to see her excitement about going on trips beforehand and then hearing stories after.
  • I have been able to visit other playgroup and see how children learn. They take risks e.g. climbing trees and exploring outdoors.  It has made me more confident and I have been able to get out after years of being at home caring for my children.  I had previously given up work and it makes me want to get back out.
  • Really helped parents to have more time together to get to know each other instead of a ‘hello’ meeting at drop off / collection time. This also helped to feel more confident around the other parents
  • It has made me a better parent I think, as it really gave me an insight to what she was doing and also to interact with others around the community. It has been a great impact and I think everyone should do it.
  • Reinforcing an awareness that my child can play comfortably with children from different backgrounds from an early age.
  • It was a great experience and very fulfilling and a great bunch of people to be along with, learning about your child and interacting with parents you never normally meet or talk to.
  • I got to visit new locations and see how my child interacted verbally and socially with his peers and other adults, which reassured me and gave me more confidence in his abilities to settle into school life and new situations.